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DPF - Diesel Particulate Enquiries

Experiencing problems with your Diesel Particulate Filter? Poor MPG or Performance? Unable to clear the DPF light? We can help you!

  • DPF Diagnostic - £45+VAT
  • DPF Regeneration - £275+VAT
  • DPF Replacement - Approx £1500 +VAT (Vehicle Details Required)
  • DPF Removal & ECU Update - From £450+VAT (Vehicle Details Required)

If your DPF Light is on you will require computer diagnostic which will tell us the stored fault code relating to the DPF. Often your vehicle will require DPF Regineration, if your DPF can not be regenerated it will require Replacement or Removal. If your DPF has a sensor fault then Replacment may be the only option. Driving your vehicle not in accordance with manufacture specification can result in your DPF light staying on & DPF being blocked, causing poor mpg & performance.

DPF Removal & ECU Update/Delete - This consists of removing the exhaust system that houses the DPF from your vehicle, then completely removing the DPF from the exhaust. After this process has been completed, the software on your ECU will have to be reprogrammed so that the DPF functionality has been removed. Your DPF light will go off and future regeneration will not be required. Whether it's DPF diagnostic, regeneration, delete, removal, instalation contact us now to see if we can help you.

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